Heritage Turkey Reservations

The holidays never tasted so good!

We proudly breed, hatch, and raise Narragansett Heritage Turkeys, on pasture, without antibiotics.

Our heritage turkeys take a full 28 weeks to grow on pasture, and develop their excellent flavor. Heritage turkeys are not selected to grow abnormally large breasts. This would interfere with their ability to live long, productive, outdoor lives. Expect a normal ratio of breast to dark meat.

The Narragansett Turkeys' excellent flavor has landed it a spot on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. "The US Ark of Taste is a catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of extinction. By promoting and eating Ark products we help ensure they remain in production and on our plates." - www.slowfoodusa.org

...And it is working! Through conservation efforts Narragansett Turkeys have been upgraded on The Livestock Conservancy's Conservation Priority List, from threatened to watch.

Looking for recipes and tips for your pasture-raised heritage turkey? Check out our Farmhouse Kitchen page.

Reserve Your Heritage Turkey from Doko Farm

2022 Heritage Turkey Reservations will open in August/September. Reservations do fill up, each year. Subscribe to Doko Farm's email list so that you receive an alert when it is time to reserve your pasture-raised heritage turkey.

Doko Farm is once again raising a small flock of Narragansett Heritage Turkeys, for your holiday table, and they look fantastic!

Pricing for 2021 is $11/lb. (We needed to make a small adjustment from last year's pricing, due to steeply rising feed costs.) A $20 deposit is required to complete your reservation. This year, we are making the reservation process easier, by accepting deposits through Square Invoices. Once we receive your reservation form, we will send an invoice (within 24 hours) with your link to pay online. The balance (total cost of your heritage turkey minus your $20 deposit) is due at pick-up.

Our smaller hen-sized heritage turkeys range from 5-10 pounds (average weight is 7 pounds.) Our larger tom-sized heritage turkeys range from 10-18 pounds (average 12 pounds.)

On-Farm Pick-up is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year it will be November 19, 2022, 10am-1pm. As always, we will try to work with you to provide an alternative, if you are unable to make it to the scheduled pick-up.

Once our reservations are full, we will start a waiting list for the few birds that we hold in reserve. Each year, we hold a small number of birds back from our reservation process, just in case something goes wrong, such as a predator event. Most years, nothing goes wrong. Then these heritage turkeys are made available for purchase. There is no deposit required to be on the waiting list. Please fill out the 2021 Heritage Turkey Reservation Form and select the waitlist option for your preferred size, to be placed on the wait list.