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A small, plump, orange butterfly sits on the bright orange center of a vibrant purple cone flower (echinacea). The moth's proboscis is extended and it is sipping nectar.The Jones family poses for a photo in front of their small wooden barn. Joe is wearing a black sweatshirt and red beanie (he didn't realize that everyone else was changing into nicer clothes for the family pictures!) Amanda is standing next to him and is wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and a dark blue sweater. The kids are in front. Phoebe is 10 years old. She stands leaning against her dad, with her hands in her pockets of her bright green dress. Ezra is 6 years old. He is leaning against his mom and holding her arm. He is wearing jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt. Everyone is smiling and it is the best darn family photo that we have ever managed to take!A group of Guinea Hogs root in the hay for tasty pieces of pumpkin. Guinea Hogs are a small heritage breed of hog, and obviously a lard type of hog. They are solid black with perky upright ears. The sow in the center of the group is looking straight at the camera. Hay is draped across her nose and her mouth is open. It looks like she is smiling at the camera in a big way! Phoebe and Guiness share a quiet moment in lush green grass. Phoebe (age 9) is wearing pink boots, pink leggings, and a white long sleeve waffle shirt with a pink fox pattern. She is looking down at Guiness with her hand resting on his back.Her other hand holds a walking stick. Guiness is a full grown Guinea Hog boar, whose shoulders are just at Phoebe's hip height. He is all black with large erect ears. Guiness's head is down. His tusks are visibly worn with age and use, and he is eating the green grass.

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