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Heritage Poultry

Whole Buckeye Chickens (3-5.5 lbs each)

$5.50 /lb

5 month old chickens, or 1 year old roos grown for full size and flavor

Buckeye Chicken 7 piece

$6.00 /lb

5 month old chickens

Buckeye Livers and Hearts (approx. 1 lb pack)

$5.00 /lb

Buckeye chicken feet (approx. 1 lb pack)

$3.00 /lb

Buckeye Chicken Eggs

$5.00 /doz

Limited availability

Ground Turkey (approx. 1 lb pack)


Sold Out

Heritage Turkey Deposit


Now accepting reservations

Whole Heritage Turkey- perfect for your holiday celebration

$10 /lb

Guinea Hog Pork

Sausage Links (approx.1 lb pack) 

$10.50   /lb

Bratwurst or Moonpie Sage Breakfast Sausage


$10.00 /lb

Sold Out

Chops- Pork Chops- well marbled cut of meat, 2 per pack (0.75-1.5 lbs)

$9.00 /lb

 Sold Out

Tender Loin (0.5 lbs)

$9.00 /lb

Limited availability on these yum-yums.

Roasts (2-6 lbs each)

$8.00 /lb


Ribs (1-4 lbs per pack)

$7.00 /lb

Shanks and Hocks (0.5-1 lb per pack)

$5.00 /lb


Fresh Belly- skin on and thin (approx. 1 lb pack)

$5.00 /lb

Neck Bones (approx. 1.5 lb pack)

$5.00 /lb


Livers, Hearts, Kidneys

$5.00 /lb

Tails- 1 per pack (0.25-0.75 lbs)

$5.00 /lb


Trotters- 2 per pack (approx. 1 lb)

$4.00 /lb

 Split or whole

Soup Bones (approx. 1 lb pack)

$4.00 /lb

 Sold out

Leaf Fat- clean flavor, and coarsely ground for better rendering (approx. 2 lb pack)

$5.00 /lb


Fatback and Blocked Fat (approx. 1 lb pack)

$3.00 /lb

 sold out of blocked fat


$20 /each

 sold out

Skin- fry it up for a tasty treat! (1-4 lb pack)

$2 /pound



St. Croix Lamb and Mutton

Loin or Rib Chops- 2 per pack (0.2-0.4 lb)

$18.00 /lb


Whole Legs 

$14.00 /lb

Sold Out

Shoulder Roasts

$14.00 /lb

 Sold Out

Boneless Stew (approx. 1 lb pack)

$14.00 /lb


Bone-in Stew (approx. 1 lb pack)

$12.00 /lb

Sold Out

Ground (approx. 1 lb pack)

$12.00 /lb



$9.00 /lb


$12.00 /lb
  Sold Out

Livers, Hearts, Spleen (1 per pack)

$5.00 /lb


Soup Bones (approx. 1 lb pack)

$4.00 /lb



$4.00 /lb



Doko Farm Stand Hours
Doko Farm (farm stand) 
2101 Cedar Creek Road, 
Blythewood, SC 29016                
At this time, we are open by appointment.

Want to set-up an appointment? Just give us a call, or email us, and let us know when you would like to stop by and what you would like. If we have what you are looking for in stock, and we will be here, we will tell you to come on down!  

Doko Farm

Farmers' Markets
Blythewood Farmers Market
May Day Festival and 
Opening Day of the 2019 Season
Wednesday, May 1, 4-7pm

May - December, 2019

Weekly: Wednesdays 4-7pm

Doko Meadows Park 
171 Langford Rd, Blythewood

Doko Farm Meat-Ups!
We are bringing back Doko Farm Meat-ups! If you are interested in purchasing our pasture-raised heritage meats, through a Meat-up, we would love to hear from you! Please take this quick survey and let us know how we can best serve you. Thank you!

You asked for it, so we are delivering! Simply fill in the Doko Farm Meat-up Order Form, and we will do the driving for you!

Please bring cash or check to pay for your order, and a cooler to transport your purchase.

Please place orders by noon on Meat-Up day. 

Doko Farm Meat-up!
Next date: Thursday, September 12th, 5:30pm-6:30pm
at Baan Sawan Thai Bistro
2135 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205

Baan Sawan Thai Bistro


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