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We are proud that all of our pasture-raised heritage breeds are listed on the Slow Food Ark of TasteBy stewarding and championing these rare breeds, we keep diversity in our food system, and flavor on our plates. 

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Guinea Hog Pork

Zesty Itallian  Sausage Links (approx.1 lb pack) 

$10.50  /lb

Sold Out


$10.00 /lb

Sold Out

Chops- Pork Chops- well marbled cut of meat, 2 per pack (0.8 -1.6 lbs)

$9.00 /lb

 Sold Out

Roasts (2-6 lbs each)

$8.00 /lb

 Sold Out

Ribs (1-2 lbs per pack)

$7.00 /lb

Sold Out

Shanks and Hocks- 2 per pack
(approx. 1 lb)

$5.00 /lb

Fresh Belly- skin on and thin (approx. 6 lb each)

$5.00 /lb

Sold Out

Neck Bones (approx. 1 lb pack)

$5.00 /lb


Livers, Hearts, Kidneys

$5.00 /lb

2 livers available

Tails- 1 per pack (0.25-0.75 lbs)

$5.00 /lb

Trotters- 2 per pack (approx. 1 lb)

$4.00 /lb                          

Soup Bones (approx. 1 lb pack)

$4.00 /lb


Leaf Fat- clean flavor, and coarsely ground for better rendering (approx. 2 lb pack)

$5.00 /lb

Fatback and Blocked Fat (approx. 1 lb pack)

$3.00 /lb



$20 /each

 Sold Out

Skin- fry it up for a tasty treat! (1-4 lb pack)

$2 /pound



St. Croix Lamb and Mutton

 Loin or Rib Chops- 2/pack (0.2-0.4lbs) $18.00/lb Sold Out
Whole Legs $14.00/lb Special Order Item Only, next processing will be in June
Shoulder Roasts (4-6lbs) $14.00/lb Sold Out
 Boneless Stew (approx. 1 lb pack)
 $14.00/lb     Sold Out
 Bone-in Stew (approx. 1lb pack) $12.00/lb     Sold Out
 Ground (approx. 1 lb pack) $12.00 /lb    Sold Out
 Shanks $12.00/lb  1 pack remaining
 Ribs $9.00/lbSold Out
 Livers or Hearts $5.00/lb Sold Out
 Soup Bones $4.00/lb
 Heads $4.00/lbSold Out

Buckeye Chicken

Whole Chickens (3-5.5 lbs) $5.50/lb          Sold Out until 
 Chicken- 7 piece cut-up (1.95 lbs - 3.5 lbs) $6.00/lb Sold Out
 Hearts or Livers (approx. 1/2 lb pack) $5.00/lb Sold Out
 Feet (approx. 1lb pack) $3.00/lb 1 Pack Remaining
 Eggs $5.00/doz Sold Out

Narragansett Turkey

 Narragansett Heritage Turkey Deposit $20.00    Reservations   Closed
 Narragansett Heritage Turkey- Whole $10.00/lb   Sold Out until November
 Cranberry Sage Sausage     $11.50/lb    Sold Out until November
Ground- Bulk $10.50/lb     Sold Out until November
Legs (2/pack) $8.00/lb    Sold Out until November
 Wings (2/pack) $4.00/lb     Sold Out until November
 Hearts or Livers (approx. 1/2lb pack) $5.00/lb         Sold Out Livers
 1 pack of Hearts     available
 Backs and Soup Bones  $4.00/lb 

 Necks  $3.00/lb 
 Feet $3.00/lb

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You can pre-order by email: Please let us know what items and quantities you would like, and your preferred pick-up location. We will respond with confirmation of your order and any questions we may have. 

We now have pre-pay available, through Square Invoice, for our customers that would like a more Grab-and-Go experience. Let us know that you would like to pre-pay, when you order, and we will email you an invoice. Pre-paid orders must be paid before pick-up. 

Please contact us with any questions. 

Doko Farm Stand Hours for On-farm Sales
Doko Farm (farm stand) 
2101 Cedar Creek Road, 
Blythewood, SC 29016               
This weekend we are only open for pre-paid order pick-up. We have some fencing projects that need our attention. Thank you!
Saturdays and Sundays 10am-12pm

Please stay with your vehicle and we will provide drive-through service. Placing a pre-order is appreciated, if possible. 

We are also open by appointment. 

If our regular hours are not a good fit for your schedule, email us your preferred pick-up time with your pre-order. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Doko Farm

Farmers Markets

Wednesdays 1:30pm-3pm

School House Road and Two Notch
We are set up in the front yard of a private residence. Drive through service is available.

April 22- November 2020

Wednesdays 4-7pm

Doko Meadows Park 
171 Langford Rd, Blythewood

Doko Farm Meat-Ups!

Request a Meat-up. We want to go where our customers are! Send us an email, and we will set-up a Meat-up near you. Then place your order and help us get the word out. Meat-ups where we can meet multiple families each time, will become a more regular location. Thanks!

You asked for it, so we are delivering! Simply fill in the Doko Farm Meat-up Order Form for your preferred location and date, and we will do the driving for you!

Please bring cash or card to pay for your order, and a cooler to transport your purchase.

Doko Farm Meat-up at Vertical Roots
Next Date: 4/28/2020

Doko Farm Meat-up at Baan Sawan
Next date: TBD
at Baan Sawan Thai Bistro
2135 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205
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