Public Speaking

Doko Farm
Doko Farm is on the forefront of the local, heritage, slow food movement in South Carolina.  Breaking new ground, Doko Farm is among the first Heritage Meat CSAs and the only traditional meat CSA in the South Carolina Midlands.   Heritage breeds typically take twice as long to reach market weight, compared to their industrial counter parts.  By choosing to raise heritage breeds on pasture, many of which are found on Slow Food's Ark of Taste, Amanda and Joe are taking slow food to the next level. Doko Farm has been featured in NRCS/ESRI Farm to Fork Video, the Lexicon of Sustainability, and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's Midlands Farm Tour.

W. Joe Jones
Doko Farm Owner and Faculty at the University of South Carolina 
Joe is the fourth generation to farm his family's land.  His background in genetics helps full his passion for preserving diversity in our foods. Joe has a doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz. He has been involved in numerous deep-sea voyages including the discovery of the yeti crab. In his 9-5 job, Joe is the faculty principal at the Green Quad Learning Center at the University of South Carolina. He is also adjunct in the Marine Science Program and the Environment and Sustainability Program at USC. He teaches "Environmental Pollution and Health" for Public Health majors at USC, as well. Joe is an accomplished lecturer and receives stellar evaluations from his undergraduate classes. His passion in teaching undergraduates lies in connecting the dots of the environment, food, and the individual.

Amanda Jones 
Doko Farm Owner and Farm Manager 
Amanda is an accomplished environmental educator. Her background is in marine biology, with an emphasis in education. Amanda has worked as a program developer, curriculum writer and lead instructor for Camp SEA Lab, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District, and the Ocean Institute. She has extensive experience working in the field with seabirds in Alaska, elephant seals at Ano Nuevo, and Hawaiian Monk Seals on Midway Island. Her experience with wild threatened and endangered species has prepared her with excellent animal husbandry skills, which she now uses, while caring for the rare heritage breeds, at Doko Farm. Amanda is skilled in the kitchen and uses her talents and interests to educate others about heritage meat production, from the logistics of breed selection, breeding and marketing to preparing heritage meats for your family's table.

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