Heritage Pork

Our Animals Are:

Heritage Breeds

Listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste

Raised on Pasture

Raised Without Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

Raised Humanely on a Small Farm

Grown Locally in Richland County,
South Carolina

Processed at an Animal Welfare Approved and Certified
Humane Facility

Guinea Hogs Have Come To Doko Farm!
Guinea Hogs are a small breed of heritage hog known for the amazing qualit
y of their fat.  They were developed in the piney woods of the Southeast, and we think they will thrive here, at Doko Farm.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists the Guinea Hogs' conservation status as critical.  Once wide spread in the Southeast, today there are only 600 registered
Photo by Christine Adair
hogs, in the United StatesThis is in part because their smaller carcass does not conform to current industry standard. 

We are excited to discover for ourselves what chefs in Charleston already know- good things come in small packages!  Guinea Hog leaf fat is prized for the high quality of it's rendered lard.  The fat is white and bountiful, and the meat is well marbled.  Raised on pasture, our Guinea hogs use their muscles, and their heritage pork is anything but "the other white meat!"  
Please join us in one our latest conservation and culinary adventures!                                                    
Photo by Christine Adair

                Heritage Pork Price List 
  (prices listed are per pound, and subject to change)

Fat, Glorious Fat!  
  • Leaf Fat- coarsely ground for better rendering, 2lb packs $5 Sold Out    
  • Fat- blocked $3 Sold Out                                                           
  • Fresh Fatback- skin on $3 Solld Out                                          
Cured Meats
  • Bacon- thick cut and nitrate/nitrite free $10 Sold Out   
  • Cured Fatback- just brown sugar and salt, sliced. Sold Out  
  • Zesty Itallian $10 Sold Out  
  • Bratwurst $10 Sold Out  
  • Breakfast Links $10 Sold Out  
Fresh Cuts
  • Pork Chops- well marbled cut of meat $9 Sold Out  
  • Ribs- 1-3 pounds $7 Sold Out  
  • Shoulder Roasts- 3-6 pounds $8 Sold Out  
  • Fresh Pork Belly- make your own bacon! Sold Out  
  • Tenderloin- 1/4 to 1/2 pound $9 Sold Out  
The Yummy Bits
  • Head $20 each Sold Out  
  • Tail, Hocks, or Neck Bones $5 Sold Out 
  • Trotters $4 Sold Out 
  • Skin- fry it up for a tasty treat,1-4 pounds $2 Sold Out  
  • Organs- heart, liver, kidneys $5 Sold Out  
  • Soup Bones $4 Sold Out