Heritage Chickens

Our next batch of Heritage Chickens will be available beginning July 29th!
Our Chickens Are:

Heritage Varieties

Raised on Past

Raised Without Antibiotics

Raised Humanely on a Small Farm

Grown Locally in Richland County,
South Carolina

Processed at an Animal Welfare Approved and Certified
Humane Facility

Listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste (Buckeye Heritage Chickens)

Heritage Chickens Have Arrived at Doko Farm!
Now you do not have to wait until Thanksgiving for the delicious flavor and high quality of pasture-raised heritage poultry from Doko Farm.  We have added Buckeye and Plymouth Rock Heritage Chickens to our list of gourmet products.     

Both the Buckeye and Plymouth Rock are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's (ALBC) Conservation Priority List. Currently, the Buckeye is listed as crittical and the Plymouth Rock is listed as recovering.  As stewards of Heritage Chickens, we are working to conserve these culinary and cultural treasures.  We feel the best way to do this is to promote the many benefits of Heritage Chickens, including the excellent taste, and help return them to the family table.

Taste the Difference
The slow growth of a Heritage Chicken gives it something that even an organic, pasture-raised, industrial chicken lacks- Flavor!  Heritage Chickens take 16 weeks to reach market weight (more than double that of an industrial chicken).  The rich chicken flavor and firm texture of a Heritage Chicken can not be duplicated and it cannot be rushed.  One bite and we think you will agree, it was definitely worth the wait. 

Heritage Chicken Definition
Please click here for the complete Heritage Chicken Definition.
  1. American Poultry Association Standard Breed established prior to the mid-twentieth century
  2. Naturally mating
  3. Long, productive outdoor lifespan
  4. Slow rate of growth

Doko Farm is proud to be a small farm that values quality, sustainability and animal welfare.  To remain true to our values, we are raising a small number of Heritage Chickens for 2011. Our Buckeye and Plymouth Rock Heritage Chickens will weigh between 2 and 5lbs, be sold as whole chickens, and will be available beginning in July.   If you would like to place an order for several Heritage Chickens, please contact us early. 

Our Memberships

Doko Farm is a proud member of Slow Food / Slow Food Columbia and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC).