Livestock Sales and Hatching Schedules

St. Croix Sheep: Yearling Ewes 
Please email with any questions.
 Tag Mother DOB Single/Twin/Triplet Notes     Price
 R51 31 12/7/17 Strong Single     Can be exposed to ram by requestSold
 R59 32             1/2/18     Twin

Sale Pending

 R60 32 1/2/18 Twin    

Sale Pending
 R62 1 1/11/18 Triplet- 2 still born Can be exposed to ram by requestSold
 R68     39     2/1/18 Single

Sale Pending

 R69 11 2/7/18 Single Can be exposed to ram by request Sold

2019 Reservations for Chicks, Turkey Poults, and Hatching Eggs 

All day-old poultry are sold as straight-run (expect both males and females), and must be picked up on their designated day, to avoid boarding fees. We do offer a 10% discount on orders of 20 or more, from a single hatch. 

Fertile eggs for hatching are also available. Prices for hatching eggs are as follows: Buckeyes are $30 per dozen, and Narragansetts are $27 per half dozen. Fertile eggs are available each Spring.

All day-old poultry and hatching eggs must be picked up at Doko Farm. We do not ship. 
To place an order please call or email with your request.  Orders are filled in the order they are received. If we receive more orders than we can fill, we will consider adding additional hatches. 

We will alsbe selling a limited number of 4-6month old Buckeye pullets for your back yard laying flock. Buckeye pullets will be $20 each and ready beginning in July and October.

Contact us with any questions, or do be added to the pullet or day-old poultry list of your choice. Thank you!

 Breed     Pick up Price each
 Buckeye chicksMarch 21  $5
 Narragansett turkey poults Available
 Buckeye chicks 2nd hatchJune 29 $5
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