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Photo by Crystal Harmon
Doko Farm has cancelled, or postponed, all our agritourism events, through June 2020. We will reopen once it is safe for us, and our guests, to gather. In the meantime, please follow us on facebook for photos from the farm, and join our email list for updates on events once we are able to reopen. Thank you and keep well. 

When researching our farm's history, and that of the surrounding area, we came across
a multiple meanings for the name Doko.  One that we especially liked was "gathering place."  We hope that Doko Farm will become a gathering place for our family, friends and community.  We invite you to spend part of your day with us.  It seems that there is always something going on at Doko Farm!

Please read the following guidelines for a safe farm visit.  While we do everything we can to ensure our visitors' safety, please remember that Doko Farm is a real, working farm.  As such, there are some hazards, including: fire ants, ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy, farm tools, equipment, electric fences, barb wire, and livestock.  Visitors must  wear enclosed shoes, for safety and comfort.  We also recommend sunscreen and long pants.  

Supervised children are welcomed and encouraged to visit Doko Farm.

Pets are not permitted.