Doko Farm History

Though the name is new, Doko Farm has been owned by Joe's family since the mid-1800's.  Joe's great-great grandfather, Nathan DuBard, built the original part of the farmhouse for his bride Judith. Since that time, every generation has lived in the house for some period of time, including our family- generations number five and six!

We chose the name Doko Farm to reflect both the farm's history and it's sense of place.  Doko is the original name of the train depot and surrounding settlement that later became known as Blythewood.  

The name was changed from Doko to Blythewood around 1877 because it "sounded more pleasing to the ear."  Perhaps, but Doko is the place we call home- and how sweet it is.

There are a few different theories on the origin and meaning of the name Doko.  The one that most resonates with us is "Gathering Place."  We hope that Doko Farm will continue to be a gathering place for family, friends and our community.

We would like to thank Joe's parents, Sandra and Bill Jones, for deeding to us the farmhouse and some of the surrounding land.  Their generous gift helped us to embark on this exciting journey.

This herd of goats lived at the farm 1960's. Goats have have now returned to Doko Farm, in the form of our own small dairy and pet herd.

Mr. Joe DuBard (Joe's grandfather), harvesting collards from the garden.

Even at an early age, Joe began following in his grandfather's footsteps.