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    Amanda and Joe Jones

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    On-Farm Sales and Public Farm Tours 
    This Weekend!
    Join us as we open the pasture gates and our freezers!  Doko Farm's On-farm Sales Days and Public Tours will be this weekend, Saturday, July 26th, and Sunday, July 27th (4-7pm both days).  Take a guided tour of the pasture and meet our heritage breed sheep, hogs and poultry.  Do not forget to bring your cooler, to stock up on Doko Farm's pasture-raised heritage meats. Check out our Available Now page, for product availability and our Farm Events and Tours page fore tips for a fun farm visit. See you at Doko Farm! 

    Check out our Pygmy Goat Herd Sale! Does, Bucks, and Kids are available! We will continue updating our website with current photos of our goats. Thank you for looking!

    Joe Featured in USC Article 
    We are so proud of Joe and the work he is doing both on and off the farm!  Joe was recently hired as the Principal Faculty of USC's Green Quad, where he brings sustainability home for USC students.  Click here to read the article, by Chris Horn. 

    Winter Photos of Doko Farm
    Recent winter storms resulted in some damage, at Doko Farm.  The new sheep shelter roof, which was finished just ahead of our first round of snow, collapsed under six inches of snow and ice and several tree limbs fell.  As the ice begins to melt, we will have some storm clean-up added to our list of projects.  But along with it's challenges, the winter weather brought a quiet beauty to the farm.  We have posted some of our winter photos on Facebook.

    News From The Farm
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