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News from the Farm 

NEW! Doko Farm Meat-ups!
Thursday, December 21st 5:30pm-6:30pm
at Baan Sawan Thai Bistro 

You asked for it, so we are delivering! Simply fill in the Doko Farm Meat-up Order Form, and we will do the driving for you!

We meet at Baan Sawan Thai Bistro, on Devine Street, from 5:30-6:30pm. Please place your orders by 12pm on the day of pick-up. 

***Please bring cash or check to pay for your order, and a cooler to transport your purchase.

For our customers that live closer to Doko Farm, you can pre-order using this form, for pick-up at Doko Farm, on Saturday, between 9am-11am.

Doko Farm has FRESH

Holiday Heritage Turkeys!

Reservations are now being accepted.

Heritage Turkey Reservation Form

New this December, Doko Farm will be processing our heritage turkeys right at Doko Farm, with a state inspected mobile processing unit! This means that your heritage turkey will be picked up fresh! Itwill go from our farm, to your home refrigerator, and never see the inside of a freezer. This is as fresh a heritage turkey as you can get, without raising your own! Because our heritage turkeys were bred, hatched and processed at Doko Farm, it is also just about as close to zero food miles as you get, without living on a farm. Quality heritage turkeys are just around the corner, at Doko Farm.


Doko Farm's Holiday Heritage Turkeys are:

· Heritage Breed

· Listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste

· Raised on Pasture

· Raised without antibiotics

· Raised Humanely on a Small Farm

· Fresh, never frozen!!!

· Have tons of Flavor, Flavor, Flavor!

· Bred, Hatched, Raised and Processed at Doko Farm!

Doko Farm's Holiday Heritage Turkeys are by reservation only, with a $20 deposit required to complete your reservation. The price for our pasture-raised heritage turkeys is $10 per pound, minus your $20 deposit, due at pick-up. Pick-up will be on December 22nd at Doko Farm (10-12pm) or City Roots Farm (3-4pm). Our holiday heritage turkeys are expected to be between 10 and 18 pounds. Doko Farm accepts cash or check.  More information about can be found on our Heritage Poultry Page. Please email, or call with any questions.  

Pasture-raised Heritage Meats Available Now
We have whole Buckeye chickens, Guinea Hog pork, and St. Croix lamb and mutton back in stock. Popular cuts that are back include our pork bratwurst, ground lamb, and chops (pork, lamb, or mutton). We now have an easy to use price list, with all of our products in one place. Find it on our Available Now page. Stop by the Doko Farm Stand to stock up on your favorites! 

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